PROBLEM: Headache, migraine
NATURAL CURE: Peppermint oil and green tea
HOW TO USE IT: Rub peppermint oil on forehead, temples, and massage into the back of your head—right above the neck; drink green tea hot or cold

Since I can remember, I have been suffering from headaches. As a kid, my mom would always give me Tylenol for kids—the grape-flavored chewable one. Headaches and migraines eventually became my norm. I expected to get at least one headache or migraine a month, so I always carried ibuprofen (Motrin) with me because acetaminophen (Tylenol) was too weak and slow-acting for me. However, these drugs are horrible for your heart, kidneys and other organs. Seriously.

Last summer, a girlfriend of mine put me on to something that helps with her headaches: Peppermint oil. I didn't believe her at first. However, I decided to give it a try shortly after she disclosed this hidden secret to me and it worked. I immediately tossed out my large bottle of ibuprofen. The peppermint oil was working wonders. I was still getting headaches every so often, but I was determined to never use pain medication unless it was absolutely necessary (like post-surgery or something). I actually think my body was going through a bit of withdrawal from not using ibuprofen anymore.

To combat the headaches and migraines, I started adding green tea into the regimen. And slowly, but surely, the number of headaches I got decreased. Now, I only get headaches when I haven't gotten enough sleep because I'm in grad school. Ha. I became a stronger believer in the power of peppermint oil when a girlfriend I told in passing to do it expressed that the essential oil worked for her while she was suffering from a migraine.

A month or two prior, my friend expressed that she was having horrible migraines and the doctors were trying to figure out why. I told her that she should try peppermint oil the next time she had an attack. I didn't expect her to try it. I know when I tell friends to try these "hippie dippie" forms of medicine, they usually brush it off. So, the next time she got a migraine she couldn't find her medication. She immediately remembered what I told her about peppermint oil, tried it, and it worked! She no longer reaches for her migraine medicine; see the proof below.

Have you ever used peppermint oil to help with headaches or migraines?