Earlier this year, I decided to switch from regular to natural deodorant. Whew. WHAT a struggle it was. I made the transition because regular deodorants are loaded with chemicals like aluminium that are not good for your body. It took me three different tries, but I think I found the natural deodorant that works best for me.

At first, this worked great. The "detox" period, which is when you sweat a lot because your body is getting rid of the toxins, didn't last very long. I was ecstatic. The deodorant was working great. I was dry and my underarms smelled great. Then weeks later, destruction hit. My armpits were cracked, on-fire, itchy, and smelly. A quick search online revealed that I was probably having an allergic reaction to something in the deodorant. Something that is apparently very common. I immediately stopped using it. For a week and a half, I wore foot powder as deodorant to heal my underarms. And when my armpits were finally healed, I dabbed on the following natural deodorant.

I really like this deodorant. It smells great, goes on easy, and has the simplest ingredients: Seaweed extract, aloe vera gel, natural mineral salt, water with a little alcohol, and essential oils. This one was so gentle on my underarms. It didn't protect me against stinky stress sweat. I noticed that whenever I was stressed, my underarms smelled different and were extra moist. Other than that, I'd probably buy it again if it wasn't too pricey. My other problem with this brand is that it is a liquid and comes in a roll-on bottle, so it spills in your cosmetic bag. I traveled quite a bit this year, and every time I opened by toiletry bag, my bathroom essentials would be soaked in the deodorant's liquid. No me gustan. Thus, I set out to try the next brand.

I. LOVE. THIS. DEODORANT. I was a little scared to purchase this one, because my last experience with a solid natural deodorant was not good. However, I'm a fan of this company, Alaffia. Black owned, natural, and ethical. They are a win-win, all around. I also love that this particular deodorant is infused with turmeric and charcoal! Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent and charcoal gets rid of toxins. My underarms feel soft and dry; and, they smell refreshing. It isn't the best at fighting stinky stress sweat, but that's expected. I just gotta continue to live my best life, relaxed. UPDATE: This deodorant has caused a slight rash and I must stop using it. I will go back to using Bali.

Have you tried natural deodorants? What's your favorite?